When will I travel to Mongolia and what is the weather like?

Mongolia has a relatively cool climate with short, mild summers and long, severe winters. Maybe you can experience all four seasons within one day while you have a trip. The best time to travel to Mongolia is from early June through the end of September, when travelers can expect an average range in temperature from +15ºC to 25ºC. The rainy season extends from mid-July to August, but showers are usually brief. Because Mongolia is located far from any oceans, the humidity is low.

What are the gateways to Mongolia?

Entries into Mongolia are by air via Moscow, Beijing, Berlin, Tokyo and Seoul. By rail it is possible to catch the train from either Beijing or Moscow and Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar.

What documents do I need to enter Mongolia?

In order to enter Mongolia, you will need a Mongolian visa and a valid passport for a minimum of six months at return date. However, because of bilateral agreements made with some countries, this is not always the case.

How are the country and people?

Traveling in Mongolia is like discovering a new and different world that you never been before. Mongolia offers you unique and unexplored natural scenes with rich wildlife. The Mongolians are very kind and friendly people. The countryside nomads always offer warm friendship and hospitality to their guests. Mongolia will make your dream as true!

What is the medical care in Mongolia?

If you have any particular medical problem please consult with your doctor before start your travel. This also applies to your own personal first aid kit. Trips will have a basic first-aid kit but it will not contain any prescription drugs. There are limited medical supplies in Mongolia and they are mostly found in the capital. You will not be able to purchase them in the countryside when on the trip. Most of the Mongolian hospitals are very short of most medical supplies, including basic care items, drugs and spare parts for medical equipment. Doctors and hospitals expect immediate cash payment for health services. You have to obtain health insurance coverage including for evacuation and to take with you any regular medication.

What currency is used in Mongolia?

The official monetary unit is the „Togrog“, however, US dollars and Euros are readily accepted in most stores. Please ask your bank to provide dollar currency dated 1996 or later, as currency dated earlier may be rejected by currency exchange places. Most hotels, restaurants and tourist shops now accept international credit cards. Local shops and markets accept only togrogs. US dollars can be changed at the airport and railway station on arrival, at the hotel receptions or at the banks.