Foreign trade



Mongolia traded with more than 100 countries and as a result total trade turnover in first 11 monts of 2008 amounted to 5664.6 mln.USD, including export 2325.8 mln.USD and import 3338.8 mln.USD.

95.3 percent of export of 2008 comes to copper concentrate, molybdenum concentrate, fluorspar, oil and coal.

Mongolia’s import increased in import of wood cellulose, steel, base metal product, equipment and transport facilities thereof; mainly influenced on total import increase.

Foreign trade between Mongolia and Austria

The main export goods are: animal originated processed raw material, unprocessed raw material such as meat, cashmere, wool, animal casings, hides and skins, garments, carpets, blankets and others, textile and knitted articles, ready made wool and cashmere garments, minerals including copper, molybdenum and fluorspar concentrates, The imports mainly consist of mining machinery and equipment, machinery and technology for small and medium sized enterprises and its spare parts, medicine and foodstuff.

Today the appropriate legal environment has been created for the establishment of free trade and economic zones.

For more detailed information, related to Mongolian foreign trade you can visit to the website of Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, of General Customs Office, of National Statistical Office and of Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.