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President Elbegdorj chairs GC of Community of Democracies
26 January 2010


New York, 22 September 2011

Ministers and Ambassadors,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, I want to thank you for attending the first meeting of the Governing Council of the Community. It is a strong indication that the Governing Council from its inception enjoys a wide recognition and representation.

I extend my sincere appreciation to those countries who have expressed their willingness to join the Governing Council as founding members. The Presidency will also welcome those who are considering to do so.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The governance reform package proposed by the Working Group on Governance is the clear roadmap for our Community to embark upon a serious institution building. With this package implemented fully, we will have effective functioning mechanisms to run our business of promoting and protecting democracy in the world.

I should thank Ambassador Maria Leissner and her team for their hard work and excellent document.

I am glad to inform you that by this day 24 countries have formally decided to join the Governing Council membership which is a good start.

I have also the pleasure to note the presence of Ministers and representatives from Egypt and Tunisia, and some other countries to whom we should render all possible assistance in transforming their societies and becoming full-fledged members of our Community.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Community under the Mongolian Presidency, as you know, will focus on 5 priority areas. We have already carried out a number of activities to advance our priorities.

Yesterday, the Presidents of Finland, Mongolia, Nigeria and Romania, and the Prime Minister of Luxembourg launched the Initiative Group on Education for Democracy to bring this vital subject to the highest attention of the international community.

Mongolia and India are jointly exploring a possibility of organizing in India a regional conference on Education for Democracy. Mongolia and UNESCO are discussing also a holding an international seminar in Ulaanbaatar.

The second priority of our Presidency is to promote regional cooperation. As the first practical step, the Presidents of Mongolia and the Republic of Korea agreed to launch Asian Partnership Initiative for Democracy to add another pillar to democracy building in the region.

I suggested in Vilnius to organize a students’ forum within the Community to involve this most active generation for the cause of our common interest. As we’ve seen in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere, the students equipped with Twitter and Facebook were the valuable messengers of the ideals of democracy. This initiative will fit into our next priority of strengthening civil society. Therefore, I will actively pursue this initiative.

Exchange of experiences is the fourth priority. In this framework, the Mongolian Presidency will work with others to assist the democratic transition efforts of Egypt, Libya and Tunisia and the strengthening of the democratic undertakings in Kyrgyzstan and Moldova.

A new, the fifth priority for Mongolia’s Presidency is now the zero-tolerance on corruption campaign. As we know, corruption is the worst enemy for democracy. Thus, we will fight this ill with all our tools.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

To implement activities under our priority areas, we will need an effective Governing Council and an efficient Executive Committee. Our work will also depend on professionalism and dedication of the Permanent Secretariat. We all should contribute to the strengthening of the Secretariat in terms of capacity and funding.

The Mongolian Presidency also values the Working Groups as the most important bridges to reach out to different constituencies and to pursue the priority topics.

Finally, I express my confidence that other colleagues will share with us their wisdom and ideas.

Thank you.


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